Pentax 645Z Medium Format Camera Price, to be Announced on April 14

Pentax 645Z

The Pentax 645z medium format camera will be officially announced on April 14, 2014. In addition to full HD (1920×1080 @ 60i and 30p in H.264), this camera will also have 4k video recording capabilities (3840 x 2160).

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New Pentax 645D 2014 Medium Format Pictures and Specs, Coming at CP+

Pentax 645D 2014

Pentax will announce their new Pentax 645D 2014 medium format cameras at CP+ 2014. The new Pentax 645D 2014 will have the same 50MP CMOS sensor that used on recently announced Hasselblad H5D-50c and PhaseOne IQ250. And 645D II will most likely have video recording capabilities.

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70D, 7D Mark II, EOS 3D, D4X, NEX-9 predictions from Nippon Magazine

2013 canon eos


A Japanese magazine Nippon has posted their predictions for cameras to be released in 2013. The list falls in line with most things we’ve heard, except for the last camera mentioned.

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