New Pentax 645D 2014 Medium Format Pictures and Specs, Coming at CP+

Pentax 645D 2014

Pentax will announce their new Pentax 645D 2014 medium format cameras at CP+ 2014. The new Pentax 645D 2014 will have the same 50MP CMOS sensor that used on recently announced Hasselblad H5D-50c and PhaseOne IQ250. And 645D II will most likely have video recording capabilities.

Here are pictures and specs of Pentax 645D 2014:

Pentax 645D 2014 1

  • Latest, super-high-resolution CMOS image sensor
  • High-speed response in a variety of photographic applications
  • Tilt-type LCD monitor
  • Market launch scheduled for Spring 2014

New Pentax 645 wide angle zoom lens


  • Ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for use with the 645D
  • Newly designed optics optimized for digital imaging characteristics
  • Market launch: to be determined

via: Ricoh