Pentax Full Frame and 645D II coming in 2014


According to Pentax Russia, the rumored Pentax full frame DSLR camera will be announced in 2014, and the 645D successor medium format camera will be later.

A recent interview from

  • Pentax Full Frame DSLR will be next year. Not later than Photokina 2014. Maybe, on spring or summer, 2014.
  • New DFA lenses will be offered. New 2.8 zooms will be made.
  • New Limited Zoom will be real.
  • New WR lenses will be launched.
  • K-01 is failed because of design. Mirrorless cameras – Ricoh will offer something new.
  • New 645D will be later. It will be different from 645D. It was plans to launch 645D II this year, but the situation is changed.
  • SMC DA LIMITED are discontinued.
  • Ricoh will announce a new LX full frame retro-styled camera (something similar to the Nikon DF).

via: PR & PF