Six Nikon Lenses to be Announced for Mirrorless Cameras!

According to the NR, Nikon will announce 6 new lenses for mirrorless cameras!
The announcement of Nikon’s new lens(s) is approaching next week at the earliest. Here is a list of lenses to be announced based on Nikon’s lens roadmap.

  • Nikon Z 24mm (DX)
  • Nikon  Z 16mm Pancake
  • Nikon  Z 12-28mm (DX)
  • Nikon  Z 85mm S-line (probably f/1.2)
  • Nikon  Z 200-600mm (f/6.3?)
  • Nikon  Z 600mm S-line (probably f/4)

We expect one or more of the following three lenses (85mm S line, 200-600mm, 600mm S line) to be announced first.

It seems that Nikon’s new products may be announced soon, but based on the rumors so far, the “Z 600mm f4 S” and “Z 85mm f1.2 S” are the most likely to be announced. They will be very expensive. However, the Nikon Z 12-28mm for DX is Nikon’s long-awaited lens for APS-C users, so we would like to see it announced as soon as possible to boost the Z’s APS-C system.

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