Nikon is Working on Higher-end Mirrorless Cameras !

Nikon FF Mirrorless Concept
Nikon FF Mirrorless Concept

According to a recently interview with Nikon Europe product manager Jordi Brinkman by Amateurphotographer, Nikon has denied reports that the Nikon 1 system is no longer in development, but says it is considering making a higher-end mirrorless camera.

From Amateurphotographer:

‘When you are talking about larger sensor mirrorless, this is definitely also a market we are officially monitoring in detail and we are really considering this segment.’

So, you are considering a larger sensor size? ‘I am not committing. But we are definitely considering how we could fit in this market and what would be the first, the best way to enter.

In the past, Nikon has already filed several full frame mirrorless lens patents.

via: DI, Amateur