Zeiss ZX1 Interview at CP+ 2019 (Price Similar as RX1R II & Leica Q)

dpreview has just published an interview with Zeiss product manager talking about Zeiss ZX1 (B&H Photo) full frame compact camera at CP+ 2019. Below are some highlights of Zeiss ZX1 full frame compact camera:

  • Zeiss ZX1 projector started four years ago.
  • Zeiss ZX1 is a different kind of product. We’re aiming at photographers that need a fast workflow but at the same time superb image quality, which our sensor and lens can deliver.
  • The design and development of Zeiss ZX1 are completely in-house.
  • We’re very conscious of battery consumption [and] a lot of photographers are very sensitive about battery usage.
  • Zeiss ZX1 will be in the same price range as [the Leica Q, Sony RX1R II].
  • The ZX1 has a mechanical (up to 1/1000) and electronic shutter
  • The ZX1 doesn’t have an exposure compensation dial.
  • But with the ZX1 if you plug in a USB C drive or a memory stick the camera recognizes the storage and you can select the images you want to transfer straight from the camera. The USB C connector is the only interface, so to connect to a TV, or plug in a microphone for example you’d need adapters.
  • For security reasons, users can’t download their own apps or extensions to ZX1. ZX1 will only support selected applications that like Adobe.

Read more at dpreview.