Samsung NX-R Full Frame Mirrorless to be released in 2014

Samsung NX R Full FrameThe rumored Samsung NX-R full frame mirrorless camera is to be announced in 2014.

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Sony NEX-9 will fully compatible with A-mount lenses

full frame sony nex

Rumors from SAR, the full frame mirrorless camera Sony NEX-9 will be fully compatible with the Sony Alpha mount lenses. This maybe a great news for people who are waiting for this new full frame NEX-9. But you may also consider the price – $4,000.

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Canon develops high sensitivity full-frame CMOS sensor for video recording

Canon has developed a 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor designed for low-light video capture. The 16:9 sensor features a 1920×1080 pixel array, meaning each pixel measures a huge 19 microns along each edge – 7.5 times larger than the ones in the EOS-1D X. The large pixels and low readout-noise circuitry allow the sensor to capture light around 10 times less bright than current CCDs used for astronomy. The sensor will first be shown in public at a security show in Japan. Other applications the company is looking into are astronomy and medical research.

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First Full Frame Mirrorless Samsung NX-R to be released in March


Samsung is going to announce world’s first full frame mirrorless camera in March, 2013. The name would be Samsung NX-R. There are still no detail on the lens mount or specs. If this is real, the rumored Sony full frame mirrorless camera will not be the world’s first full frame mirrorless. Read More »

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