6D Mark II will Have a Brand New 26MP Full Frame Sensor

Photoshopped Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Canon EOS 6D Mark II will have a brand new 26MP full frame CMOS sensor, according to CR. This means the whole 6D series DSLR cameras have their own sensor.

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Canon’s high-sensitivity full-frame CMOS sensor succeeds in capturing nighttime video of fireflies

Canon high-sensitivity full-frame CMOS sensor

Canon published a press release for successfully captured video footage of Yaeyama-hime fireflies flying in darkness, a feat made possible by the high-sensitivity 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor developed by Canon for video capture that was announced in March 2013.

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Sony NEX FF has on sensor image stabilization ?

sony full frame nex

Sony NEX Full Frame camera is rumored to be announced in this autumn, 2013. And from SAR, NEX FF will featured with on sensor image stabilization. This will be first E-mount camera with on sensor IS features.

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Pentax Australia confirmed Pentax Full Frame (K-3), but not on March 27, 2013

pentax ff


Two days ago, the Pentax K-3 full frame DLSR was rumored to be announced on tomorrow, March 27, 2013. But until now, there is still no news about this long awaited Pentax full frame camera.

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Pentax K-3 24MP full frame DSLR to be announced on March 27th ?


Previous rumors shows that Pentax is going to announce several DSLRs and APS-C compate camera soon. Now new rumors from PR told us that the full frame Pentax DSLR – Pentax K-3 is to be announced on March 27th next week.

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