Sony FE 50mm F2.5, 40mm F2.5 and FE 24mm F2.8 G Lens Leaked Images

Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G lens

Today, Nokishita-C leaked the first images of the upcoming three Sony lenses: Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G Lens.  All the lenses are expected to be officially announced on March 23rd, 2021.

Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G lens


Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G lens


From the images, you could see the texture of the lens barrel of all three new Sony lenses is quite high. It’s not a pancake, but it seems to be relatively compact and easy to handle. Also, the filter diameter is unified to 49mm for all three.

The shortest shooting distance is 0.35m for 50mm F2.5, 0.28m for 40mm F2.5, and 0.24m for 24mm F2.8, which is normal for this class.

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