Nikon to Announce two New Cameras This Year

Two new Nikon cameras are coming this year! According to the NR, most likely one is APS-C and the other is full-frame model. Both the cameras were already recently registered online. 

There is no doubt that the first camera will be the rumored Nikon Z30. What is the second model? This is confusing and I’ve got some different information but they don’t match  The following are possible patterns.

Cheap entry-level Nikon Z5 II or Nikon Z4: This is unlikely. Entry-level full-frame machines are no longer popular. Many manufacturers are now refocusing on APS-C.

Nikon Z6 III equipped with a sensor of 30 million pixels or more (Nikon’s 24 million pixel sensor has ended, and all future full-size machines will have higher pixels).

Nikon Z8: The Z8 will eat up the sales of Nikon Z9, so it will be launched too soon. Nikon Z9 has a lot of backorders and will not be resolved in the near future. The idea of ​​the Z8 to introduce a high-pixel machine with a smaller body without a vertical grip and at a lower cost is similar to what Nikon did with the D850.

I’m confused by the Z8 because I already have the Z7II. Nikon must either abandon the Z7 series and release the Z8 or improve the Z7 series. It will not be easy to find a way for the two series to exist.

The only possibility is to reduce the price of the Z7 and make minor improvements to the Z7 III, with all new technologies moving to the premium-priced Z8. What do you think?

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