Nikon D500 Wins Camera of the Year at Trustedreviews


The Nikon D500 flagship DX format DSLR camera was released in 2016, it is one of the best selling DSLR camera at Holiday shopping season in 2016. The price for Nikon D500 body $1,796.95 after recently $200 price drop. Trustedreviews announced that Nikon D500 is the camera of the year in 2016.

From Trustedreviews:

praising its 100% optical viewfinder, tilting screen, enthusiast-centric controls, and dual memory card slots. Here’s our verdict from the original review:

“There’s a huge amount to love about the Nikon D500. Those who’ve been waiting so long for a D300S replacement should be thrilled by the fantastic camera Nikon has produced.”