Images of Canon’s 120MP Full Frame DSLR (Produce 210MB RAW Files)

Canon-120MP-DSLR-Prototype full frame

Along with EF 600mm f/4L IS DO BR USM lens prototype at Canon EXPO, Canon also shows off the recently announced 120MP full frame DSLR camera, here are some first images of this 120MP DSLR by Photography Bay. According to PB, the RAW file size will be 210MB. And this propotype is using a 120MP APS-H sensor in a Canon EOS 5Ds Body.

Canon-120MP-DSLR Canon-120MP-DSLR-Prototype full frame 1


Full size RAW sample images of Canon 120MP DSLR is on a Canon’s 4K reference display. The photos looks incredible. You can see at Photography Bay.