Nikon D800 shooting for “Wilfred” and “Dexter”at Hollywood


“Wilfred” and “Dexter” are popular TV shows in United States. Today Nikon USA posted a press release about the Nikon D800 camera has been used in the shooting of the television series “Wilfred” and “Dexter” by the TV networks FX and Showtime. Read More »

AD800 Underwater Housing for Nikon D800 by Aquatica

Aquatica Digital has announced a new underwater housing for Nikon D800 / D800E. The name is Aquatica AD800. The housing features access to the Fn and DOF buttons situated around the lens bayonet. These can be programmed to provide a variety of additional functions. ISO, AF Lock and AF on all get their own levers, the latter two with a rotating collar that prevents ambient pressure from pushing them. It features three ports for additional bulkheads, and there are three standard versions, one with Nikonos, one with Ikelite and the third with Nikonos and fiber optic bulkheads. Read More »

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