Best Underwater Housings for Nikon D800 / D800E

Are you looking for underwater housings for Nikon D800 / D800E ? Today we are going to showing you top 4 underwater housings for Nikon D800 / D800E online.

#1, Ikelite 6812.8


  • Clear Polycarbonate Housing
  • Mechanical Controls
  • Near Neutral Buoyancy
  • Access to Camera Functions
  • Rated Down to 200′
See more detail about Ikelite 6812.8  and buy this at B&H Photo Video for $1,599.95

#2, AquaTech NB-800


  • Depth Rating: 33′
  • Intuitive Mechanical and Button Controls
  • Full Manual Control
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Components
  • Slightly Positive Buoyancy
  • Interchangeable Lens Port System
  • Accommodates Fisheye to Telephoto Lenses
  • Fast, Easy Camera Installation
See more detail about AquaTech NB-800 and buy this at B&H for $1,895.00.

#3, Sea & Sea MDX-D800


  • Depth Rating: 328′
  • Mechanical and Button Controls
  • Access to Virtually All Camera Functions
  • Ergonomic Design with Dual Handles
  • Precision-Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Compatible with NX Series Ports
  • Sync Cord Connector Cap for Strobes
  • 2x Fiber-Optic Cable Sockets for Strobes
  • HDMI Output
  • Tripod Mount
See more detail about Sea & Sea MDX-D800 and buy this at B&H for $3,199.95.

#4, Aquatica AD800


  • Fn and DOF buttons
  • ISO, AF Lock and AF on all get their own levers
  • three ports for additional bulkheads
  • three standard versions, one with Nikon os, one with Ikelite and the third with Nikon os and fiber optic bulkheads.
See more detail about Aquatica AD800 and buy this at B&H for $3,359.00.
Store Price Buy Now Nikon D800 $2,999.00 In Stock
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B&H Photo Video: Nikon D800E $3,299.95 Pre-Order
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