GoPro HERO9 Rumors, Already Registered at FCC

The upcoming GoPro HERO9 action camera now already got registered at FCC under camera code “SPBL1”. As GoPro HERO8 , the GoPro HERO9 will be officially announced in late September to early October.

GoPro Teases for October 1st Announcement, GoPro HERO8 Black or GoPro MAX ?

GoPro has just posted a teaser for October 1st, 2019 announcement. As already leaked before, GoPro is likely to announce HERO8 Black and Max soon. You can take a look leaked images and specs below:

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More Leaked Images & Specs of GoPro Max

Along with leaked GoPro HERO8 Black, here is the leaked images and specs of GoPro Max. The GoPro Max is the replacement of GoPro Fusion, also to be announced in later this month.

Leaked specs of GoPro Max from WinFuture:

As far as technical changes are concerned, little is known yet, but it is now clear that even the new model will not be able to record 4K videos at more than 60 frames per second. Instead, at least 120 FPS are offered at “2.7K”, which may be disappointing for some, but realistic for most users. Meanwhile, the battery remains everything the same , but here again a replaceable power storage with 1220mAh or almost 4.7 watt hours capacity is installed.

The new GoPro Max is the successor of the so-called GoPro Fusion, so a kind of action camera for 360-degree shooting. This will most likely provide similar features as the Hero8, but it has the same fold-out mounting arms on the floor – so here is no longer necessarily an adapter or a housing needed to attach the camera to a tripod or other type of holder. GoPro also misses the Max a side-mounted compartment in which the battery and memory card are housed. Of course, there is a second camera above the display on the “back”, unlike the Hero8, thanks to which the 360 ​​° shots become possible.

GoPro HERO8 Black Leaked Images & Specs

Update: GoPro HERO8 Black & GoPro MAX now officially announced !

Looking for news and rumors about GoPro HERO8 ? According to latest rumors, the GoPro HERO 8 action camera is scheduled to be announced on October 1st, 2019, and release date in late October. Currently, GoPro has registered two new camera codes “CNFSPJB1” and “CNFSPCC1” at FCC. GoPro HERO 8 action camera will replace current GoPro HERO7 with a lot of great new features and improvements. Below are rumored specs of GoPro HERO8 Action Camera:
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More Leaked Images & Specs of GoPro HERO8 Black (No 4K@120p ?)

Here are more leaked images and specs of upcoming GoPro HERO8 Black, from the latest leaked specs list, we can see GoPro HERO8 will not have rumored 4K@120p video, instead it will have 4K@60p.

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New GoPro “SPJB1” & “SPCC1” Registered at FCC (GoPro HERO8 and Karma 2 ?)

GoPro recently has registered two new camera codes “CNFSPJB1” and “CNFSPCC1” at FCC. According to previous rumors, these two camera codes could be the upcoming GoPro HERO8 action cameras and GoPro Karma 2 Grip.

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GoPro HERO7 Black/Silver/White Announced !



Update: Now officially announced, you can pre-order at B&H Photo Video, Adorama, Amazon

The GoPro HERO7 Black/Silver/White are leaked online by B&H Photo Video. It should be announced soon in next several hours. You can check pre-order options at B&H Photo Video.

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