Digital Camera Popularity Revives In China

According to Nikkei Japan, the use of live commerce is expanding at factories along the coast of China. As exports are sluggish due to the new coronavirus, many factories are shifting their policies to domestic sales through live commerce. China’s livestream market in 2025 is expected to grow more than five times in 20 and exceed 100 trillion yen. Read More »

Rumors: Panasonic Lumix GH5R/GH6 Has 47MP MFT Sensor, 8K Video, Coming in Early 2020

The successor of Panasonic GH5 is expected to be released in early 2020, ahead of Tokyo Olympics Games 2020. The name of GH5 successor could be either GH5R or GH6. It will feature with a 47MP MFT CMOS sensor, and will shoot 8K video.

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Panasonic Announced Development of World’s First 8K Organic Sensor and 8K Camera System, Release Date is Fall 2019

Panasonic today has officially announced the development of world’s first 8K organic sensor and 8K multi-purpose camera. The official release date is expected in Fall of 2019.

Item name 8K multi-purpose camera Image processing unit
Part number AK-SHB 810 AK-SHU 810
Release date Fall 2019 Fall 2019

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Canon Announced 120MP Full Frame DSLR and 8K Cinema EOS Camera and 8K Display

canon 120mp dslr camera

Along with yesterday’s 250MP APS-H CMOS sensor announced by Canon, Canon Japan today announced developing next-generation imaging devices to expand the possibilities of visual expression. These are: 120MP full frame DSLR camera with 5D series body, 8K Cinema EOS video camera and professional-use 8K reference display.

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