Digital Camera Popularity Revives In China

According to Nikkei Japan, the use of live commerce is expanding at factories along the coast of China. As exports are sluggish due to the new coronavirus, many factories are shifting their policies to domestic sales through live commerce. China’s livestream market in 2025 is expected to grow more than five times in 20 and exceed 100 trillion yen.

The rapid growth of livestreaming in China has led to the revival of digital cameras, so the number of cases where cameras are used for shooting has expanded, and demand has increased by about 20% from the previous year to this year.

“The supply has not caught up with the special demand for cameras in China.” Toshiyuki Ishii, Executive Vice President of Canon China, confesses. In the Chinese camera market, Canon holds a 50% share, followed by Sony and Nikon. Camera companies are capturing new demand.

As the influence of the new coronavirus continues around the world, the recent financial results of camera manufacturers reported that the sales of cameras were strong, and they were wondering where such cameras are selling, the answer is in China.

The digital camera industry continued to be in a difficult situation due to the influence of smartphones and the new coronavirus, but I hope that the special demand for live commerce will trigger a reversal. When it comes to selling livestream shooting cameras, each company may be putting more effort into video in the future.