Specs of Nikon Z9 Updated

Nikon’s Z-mount flagship model Nikon Z9 is now listed at B&H, available for pre-order. NR updated the key specifications of this new camera. Read the detailes below:

  • 45MP,  8256 x 5504 pixels  
  • a maximum of 120 frames / sec at low resolution (I think it is 6M), and there is information that suggests 160 frames / sec.
  • Built-in GPS and probably GNSS compatible.
  • The battery of Z9 is the same as Nikon D6. A new EN-EL18x that can be charged via the camera’s USB-C is also available.
  • Equipped with a multi-leaf blade protection shutter that automatically protects the sensor when the lens is replaced or the power is turned off, preventing dust and dirt from adhering to the sensor.
  • Nikon Z9 will have car autofocus in addition to animal and people AF as well as low light -7 EV.
  • Improved 3D tracking.
  • An improved movable monitor that supports a completely newly designed portrait mode.
  • New style lock flap for dual CF Express card slots.
  • Added a third joystick / selector to use when shooting with your face close to the camera.
  • Many new menu features that can be adjusted to suit your shooting style.
  • The shutter sound can be adjusted from silence to loud, and it can sound like a D6 machine gun.
  • The official announcement is scheduled for two months later, but we cannot expect many cameras to ship by the end of the year 2021. Due to the shortage of parts, the waiting time of NIkon Z9 is expected to be very long.

A lot of new information about Nikon  Z9 has come out, but it seems that the sensor has been confirmed with 45 million pixels as rumored from before. Regarding continuous shooting, information of 30 frames / second was previously released, but it seems that ultra-high-speed continuous shooting of 120 frames / second (160 frames / second?) is possible at low resolution.

Also, the adoption of a shutter dedicated to sensor protection seems to be greatly welcomed. AF seems to have a large improvement range from Nikon Z6II / Z7II, and it seems to be quite promising. 

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