Sony RX1R Vs. Sony RX1 Specs, Images Comparison


Sony just announced the new Sony DSC-RX1R compact camera today. Now Sony has two full frame compact cameras: Sony RX1 and Sony RX1R.

So what is the main difference between these two RX cameras?

The only difference between these two cameras is that the RX1R lacks an anti-aliasing filter on its 24MP CMOS sensor. Removing AA filters seems to be very fashionable at present. Nikon has done it in the D800E and D7100, let’s not forget the Pentax K-5 IIs, and, of course, Fujifilm’s X-Pro1, X-E1X100S and X-M1 all share an X-TRANS sensor that never had an AA filter in the first place.

Sony rx1r aa


Sony rx1r aaa


Sony rx1r aaa4


Sample Images:

Sony RX1 Sample Images

Sony RX1R Sample Images

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