Rumors: First Specs of Sony NEX-FF ?

sony full frame nex

Here are first rumored specs list of upcoming Sony NEX-FF(NEX-9), according to SAR, this specs list is from a new source, so don’t take this too serious now. Within a month, we will see the real NEX-FF mirrorless camera.

NEX-FF rumored Specs list:
  • ibis /5 axis/ up to 4,5 stops gain
  • similiar design with NEX-7 but some 15% more massive /in terms of dimensions and some 20% more weight than NEX-7
  • 1400 focus points, much improved metering
  • 3,5,8,12 fps modes, also something they called ‘mega fast mode’ 14 pcs
  • 1 new flash unit
  • 1/4000sec
  • ‘improved video’
  • new chip. Now, about chip, it will be decided which version will be implemented – 24, 32 or 36 mpix, the best results /speed and accuracy/ was achieved with 32 mpix chip, the most vivid colours and iso were with 24mpix and 36mpix is not so 10+ on tests. Also, this chip is little slower when put on ibis system.
  • buffer – at least 1gb
  • wifi – yes
  • 3” screen, articulated in 3 axis
  • 2 colours /black and some gray version/
  • some new global software support
  • new small adapter for a lenses
  • New Oled EVF
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via: SAR