Nikon’s New Mirrorless Cameras Rumored to Use D850 & D500 Sensor

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Concept
Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Concept

Nikon is confirmed to announce new mirrorless cameras in 2018. According to recently rumors on NR, Nikon may both announce DX format mirrorless camera and full frame mirrorless camera. The DX format mirrorless camera may use 21MP D500 image sensor, and full frame mirrorless camera may use 45MP D850 image sensor.

Below is a list rumors for the upcoming Nikon mirrorless cameras:

  • Nikon will announce both Nikon DX mirrorless camera and Nikon full frame mirrorless camera in 2018
  • New Nikon mirrorless mount
  • New Nikon mirrorless lens coming along with Nikon mirrorless cameras
  • The Nikon DX mirrorless camera could use 21MP Nikon D500 image sensor, the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera could use 45.7MP Nikon D850 image sensor.
  • Nikon will design a new F-mount to mirrorless mount adapter.
  • Nikon is is putting a lot of effort, research and money is the viewfinder.

via: NR

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