New Firmware Update Ver 1.20 for Fujifilm X-T4 Released

Good News!!! Today, Fujifilm released the new firmware update Ver 1.20 for  Fujifilm X-T4 (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama)

 Click Here to Download Fujifilm X-T4  Firmware Ver.1.20

The firmware update Ver.1.20 from Ver.1.10 incorporates the following issues:

  1. “AUTO POWER OFF TEMP.” option is added in the “POWER MANAGEMENT” menu.
    * When the firmware is upgraded from ver.1.10 or Ver.1.11, “HIGH” mode in the POWER MANAGEMENT” menu is selected. We would recommend use of a tripod because the temperature of a part of a camera body can become hot although the shooting time becomes longer. If you take a movie continuously on hand, we would recommend you set the “AUTO POWER OFF TEMP.” to “STANDARD” although the shooting time becomes shorter.
    *Resetting the SETUP menu makes the “AUTO POWER OFF TEMP.” option changed to the “STANDARD” mode. If you want to take a movie longer, change the setting to the HIGH” mode.
  2. Display of “IP ADDRESS” in Setup Menus > CONNECTION SETTING > INFORMATION is added.
  3. Improvement of shutter speed setting for TTL slow sync flash shooting
    In P and A mode, this firmware makes the slowest shutter speed slower than 1/8 sec. for the shooting used in a scene where relatively long exposure is required (ex. a flash shooting with night view background). In case the shutter speed setting is AUTO, the shutter speed becomes max. 4 sec in P mode and max. 30 sec. in A mode.
  4. Fix of minor bugs.
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