Leica M11 Sensor Review (DXOMark): 100!

has just posted a full sensor review of the newly Leica M11 (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama).

With an overall sensor score of 100, Leica M11 is a state-of-the-art high pixel count full-frame 35mm format sensor.  This is also 4 points higher than the Leica Q2  at 96 points, the last best performing Leica sensor they tested.

M11 M10 α7RIV EOSR5 S1R Z7II
Overall score 100 86 99 95 100 100
Color 26.3 24.4 26 25.3 26.4 26.3
Dynamic range 14.8 13.2 14.8 14.6 14.1 14.7
High sensitivity 3376 2133 3344 3042 3525 2841

Here is the conclusion, ”

Leica M11 is the most refined version of the digital M-type rangefinder models to date. Operation between the M-models and others has been unified and the sensor performance is at the leading edge, especially regarding dynamic range and color depth. Sure, it’s a pricey option for most people, but no one can say the Leica M11 is lacking in any way. Small and stealthy and with the black model now weighing less than its film siblings, the Leica M11 is going to appeal to a wide audience. Every practitioner of social documentary, street, portraiture, and landscape genres will want one….” 


Leica M11 Check Price Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama

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