Leica Q2 DxOMark Tested !

DxOMark has tested the sensor of Leica Q2 full frame compact camera. The DxOMark score of Leica Q2‘s sensor is 96, one of the best full frame sensor according to DxOMark. Unfortunately, Leica Q2 is still out of stock everywhere.

Leica Q2 Vs. Panasonic S1R Vs. Nikon Z7 Vs. Sony RX1R II Vs. Leica SL

Conclusions from DxOMark:

Although at one point compact cameras routinely accepted 35mm film, full-frame compact digital cameras are very rare. The Leica Q2 has a high-resolution sensor that puts it on par with Panasonic’s flagship Lumix DC-S1R, and although it doesn’t quite match that camera’s stellar performance, it’s clear that the Q2 is capable of producing superb-quality images—so much so that it ranks in the top 10 of all the cameras we have tested, with its strongest suit being its ability to render color well. This, combined with its extreme portability, makes the Q2 a very attractive option for landscape, street, and travel photographers.