Canon EOS 3D appears in B&H search result, indexed by Google

The Canon EOS 3D is rumored as a big megapixel professional DSLR. If you search Canon EOS 3D, you will find that Google has indexed B&H Photo Video Canon EOS 3D page, see the screenshot below:


From the search result, we can see Canon EOS 3D will have 46.1MP sensor as rumored before.

When you click this search result, you will see the info below:

We’re sorry! We do not have any information posted for “CANON EOS 3D” at this time.

Showing other “DSLR Cameras” By Canon.

And the screenshot:


This is different when you search a product that doesn’t exist at B&H. More rumors about the Canon EOS 3D, just follow Canon EOS 3D on Facebook: