Canon EOS-1 Development announcement in October ?


Canon is sending invitations to journalist for a professional event in Germany. The event date will start on October 12, 2013.

From the image above, we can see a new EOS-1 body without any name and with a Q logo in the center. Since we are told there will be no new product announcements in 2013, this is probably only a development announcement for new EOS-1 body, as we heard before, Canon is working on new EOS-1 body these days.

The actual text of the German invitations:

seien Sie live dabei. Erleben Sie die Highlightprodukte von Canon begleitet von einem spannenden Bühnenprogramm und Seminaren rund um das Thema Professional Imaging. Einen dieser Termine sollten Sie sich unbedingt vormerken, jeweils 13-20 Uhr.

Translate by Google:

be there live. Experience the highlights of Canon products accompanied by an exciting stage performances and seminars on the subject of professional imaging. One of these dates can not afford to miss, each 13-20 clock.

via: NL