Canon 7D Mark II, 750D/T6i, 150D/SL2 , EOS M3 to be announced in Q3, 2014 ?

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According to NorthLight Images, Canon will announced several new DSLRs in Q3, 2014, before Photokina. These DSLR cameras and mirrorless are Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i, Canon EOS 150D / Rebel SL2, Canon EOS M3.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II: previous rumors shows that 7D Mark II will be announced in May, 2014, it seems delayed again, the new 7D Mark II will have a higher performance version of the 70D dual pixel sensor.

Canon EOS 750D/T6i and 150D/SL2 will also feature a new cheap version dual pixel sensor.

Canon EOS M3: there will be two EOS M3, one is entry-level version, the other is prosumer version. And more EOS M lenses coming too.

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