The Price of the Nikon Z 30 and Nikkor Z 400mm F4.5 VR S Lens Leaked

Nikon Z30 is scheduled to be officially announced on June 29th, 2022, along with Nikon Z 400mm f 4.5 VR S lens.   Here is the price info. Just take a look.

New Nikon products have been added to overseas retailers.

  • Nikon Z30 Body: 699 pounds
  • NIkon Z30 16-50 VR Lens Kit: £ 839
  • Nikon Z 30 Double Zoom Kit: £ 1,069
  • Nikon NIKKOR Z 400mm f / 4.5 VR S: 3,299 pounds

If this information is true, if the above price is converted into yen as it is, Z30 will be about 116,000 yen and Z 400mm f / 4.5 will be about 588,000 yen, but if this is the price including 20% ​​value added tax in the UK , It seems to be cheaper than this in Japan.

However, even considering the price without tax, the price of Z 400mm f4.5 seems to be much more expensive than the rumor of 2,000 dollars (about 271,000 yen) that flowed earlier.

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