Three new Voigtlander Nokton Lenses Officially Announced for Sony FE mount!

Voigtlander has just officially announced three new lenses: Nokton 35mm F1.2 ASPH SE, Nokton 40mm F1.2 ASPH SE, Nokton 50mm F1.2 ASPH SE lenses for Sony FE mounts. This is really good news for potential new Voigtlander purchasers with two smaller, lighter and slightly cheaper 40 and 50 lenses plus a unique 35. Read More »

Three new Voigtlander Nokton Lenses to be Announced for Sony FE mount!

Good News!!! Three new Voigtlander Noton lenses are coming! According to the latest rumors form Nokishita-C, Voigtlander will officially announce Nokon 35mm, 40mm, 50mm F1.2 SE lenses tomorrow for Sony FE mounts. Read More »

Voigtlander NOKTON 50mm f/1.2 E-mount Announced and Development of 2 Lenses & 6 Adapters

Voigtlander has officially announced the NOKTON 50mm f/1.2 Aspherical E-mount lens today, and announced the development of 2 new lenses and 6 lens adapters, will show off at CP+ 2019.
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Voigtlander Announced Three New Lenses: 110mm f/2.5 & 21mm f/3.5 E-mount Lenses and 50mm f/1.2 M-mount Lens


Voigtlander at CP+ Show 2018 announced three new lenses:

  • Voigtlander MACRO APO-LANTHAR 110mm f/2.5 E-mount Lens
  • Voigtlander COLOR-SKOPAR 21mm f/3.5 Aspherical E-mount Lens
  • Voigtlander NOKTON 50mm f/1.2 Aspherical VM M-mount Lens

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Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm F0.95 will be In Stock in August, 2013


Cosina has announced that its Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm F0.95 lens will be in stock in August, 2013. This ultra-fast short telephoto ‘portrait’ lens is for Micro Four Thirds cameras only, and will offer similar photographic characteristics to an 85mm F1.9 lens on full frame in terms of angle of view, depth of field control, and background blur. It has a 10-bladed diaphragm, and features manual focus and aperture operation – the latter can be made clickless for movie recording.

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