Sony RX 10V to be Released in Late 2022

sony rx10 iv
the current Sony RX10 IV (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama)

SAR leaked a wild rumor. Sony will announce a high-power zoom camera with a fixed lens (is there really a market for such a camera?) in late 2022.  Is it Sony RX 10V?

“The main differentiator (from the current model) is that AI / Computation Photo technology will be introduced for the first time as a Sony camera. Also, the design and ergonomics have been improved, the flash has disappeared, and the α6600. The same battery will be used. The lens will be the same as the old model. This camera will be blackout-free and will have a continuous shooting function of up to 24 frames / sec. “

Since the information is unreliable, it seems better to ask about half the story at the moment, but if Sony RX10 V really appears, it will be the first model change in 5 years.

Currently, the market for integrated lens cameras is significantly smaller than before, but Panasonic, Nikon, and Canon still have a lineup of large integrated lens cameras equipped with high-power zoom, so Sony is in this category. It may not be so strange to introduce a new model with.

If the specs are as rumored, the new model is likely to be a normal evolution model that uses AI technology.

Sony RX10 IV Check Price Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 

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