Rumors: Zeiss Loxia Telephoto Lens Coming for Photokina 2016

zeiss loxia

According to a Zeiss manager, Zeiss is planing to release three new lenses for Photokina, one of these would be a Loxia telephoto lens.

From Reader:

I was chatting with a Zeiss customer representative about choosing the right portrait lens a few months ago (shortly after the Milvus line came out). First he recommended the Batis 85, and I indicated I really enjoy the Loxia 50 which I have since autofocus on my first gen A7’s stink. After going back and forth for a while he recommended the 135 APO. He also hinted that if I liked Loxia that much I’d have to wait until Phototinka 2016 for a portrait option. So, in regards to your recent rumor that Zeiss is releasing 3 new lenses around October, I would expect/hope one of them will be the Loxia telephoto Zeiss has hinted at before. No idea what specific focal length is being considered though.

via: SAR

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