Nikon Z8 to be Announced in March or April, 2023

Nikon Z8 composited Image

According to NR,  Nikon Z8 are rumored to be officially announced in March/ April 2023. It will use a 67MP sensor to kill the current Nikon Z7 II (Amazon/B&H/ Adorama) ?

Here are the two main rumros:

  • Nikon Z8 will be a camera like the current Nikon Z9 without the vertical grip (same sensor as the Z9 but smaller body): this makes sense since it’s basically impossible to get the same performance as Nikon Z9 in a smaller body.  
  • Mirrorless version of Nikon D850 (slower, higher resolution camera): Possibly 60MP+ and $3499 price point. This seems reasonable. If this is the case, Nikon is trying to repeat the huge success of the D850

Whatever the specifications of Nikon Z8, those who have seen or tried it seem to be very excited about this camera and believe it will be even more of a hit than the current Nikon Z9.  We are not exactly sure what kind of camera Nikon Z8 will be. 

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