Nikon Z8 to be Announced in September / October

Nikon Z8 is coming! According to the How2fly, Nikon Z8 will be officially announced in September or October. Will it kill the current Nikon Z7 II (Amazon/B&H/ Adorama) ?

Nikon Z7 III and Z6 III won’t come out this year, but Nikon Z8 will come out in September or October at the latest. And Nikon Z8 will be cheaper than expected and quite attractive.

Previous rumors said that Nikon Z8 or Z6 III will be announced, but this time it is definitely stated as a Z8. Since the time of appearance is close to September or October, we would like to wait and see if Nikon Z8 really appears. If the information that the price of Nikon Z8 is cheap is true, we would very much like to welcome it.

Regarding how2fly, Canon Watch highly evaluates it as “a source that has been rumored in the past” and Mirrorless Rumors as “an extremely reliable source”, but Nikon Rumors denies the information of this source. 

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