Nikon D400 to be integrated into D7100, and D4S will have a big Change ?

nikon  d7100

New rumors from digicame-info, A Nikon Guy tells us some new info on Nikon’s new DSLRs and Lenses. (translated by Google)

  1. There will be no big announcement on CP+.
  2. In London 2012 Olympic Games, the D4 AF problem is still not clear. And the D4S is still in the development, it is said D4S will have a big change to D4.
  3. Successor of the D300 has not been developed. D400 was also considered to be sold as the successor of D7000, but 8fps will not be achieved by a sensor of 24M, in other words, it may sold as D7100 directly.
  4. 800mm F5.6 lens will be the first to use the fluorite. To reduce the lens weight.

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via: DI