New Sony IMX455AQR Leaked ! (60MP, 8K, ISO 64, a Low Version of IMX551)

A new full frame image sensor IMX455AQR now leaked on the web. This Sony IMX455AQR image sensor features 60MP, 8K Video, and native ISO at 64. According to source, IMX455AQR is a low version of IMX551. IMX455 will probably used on Nikon D6/Z8.

Specs of IMX455AQR:

  • IMX455 (Low-Spec of IMX551 Prototype):
  • Effective pixels: 9600×6400
  • Recommend recording pixels: 60MP
  • 11/12/14/16Bit ADC
  • Full Pixel 9fps/14Bit ADC
  • SLVS-EC 8Lane
  • Single ADC in Video Mode
  • 12-ADC in Still Picture Mode
  • Native ISO 64/400

And upcoming Sony a9 Mark II/a7R IV could use the IMX551 sensor, below is the specs comparison for IMX551 and IMX455:

  • IMX551 (Not for Sale/For Sony):
  • SLVS-EC: 16Lane
  • VideoMode: 12-ADC
  • IMX455 (For Sale/For Nikon):
  • SLVS-EC: 8Lane
  • VideoMode: (Down to) Single ADC

via: SonyRumors