New Canon DSLR Camera Series Coming in 2018 ?

Canon EOS 1D Xs

According to recently rumors on CR, Canon is planning to release a new series of DSLR camera next year.

Currently there is no detail on what will be this new DSLR series, below are just some rumors could happen:

  • EOS Cinema DSLR
    • A cinema DSLR camera to replace the discontinued EOS-1D C. This has been talked about numerous times over the years.
  • EOS-1D Xs
    • A high megapixel pro series body. Since the amalgamation of the 1D line back in 2009, we’ve always wondered if we’d get a camera like this to truly replace the EOS-1Ds Mark III. 
  • EOS APS-C Cinema DSLR
    • A cheaper 4K cinema alternative that would “protect” the Cinema EOS lineup of cameras.

via: CR