Interview with Canon Imaging Chief: EOS M4 will be Announced in the very near Future

canon eos m3

Imaging-resource recently interviewed with Canon’s imaging chief Masaya Maeda, talking about the recently announced new Canon products, such as Canon 120MP Full Frame DSLR camera, 250MP APS-H sensor, 600mm f/4L DO BR IS lensME20F-SH and more.

When talking about Canon EOS M mirrorless systems, Masaya Maeda said next EOS M camera will be announced in the very near future, sound like EOS M4 will be announced soon, maybe in late 2015 to early 2016.

From IR:

MM: As I mentioned before when I talked about lenses, for all of the products, we are working from the top of the pyramid. Going forward, and this would be a repeat of what I said before, but we will put more effort into mirrorless, and also, naturally, we will continue to expand the EF-M lens group. In the very near future, I think that Canon will come out with a mirrorless camera that you would really like.

MM: I promise.


Read full interview at IR.