Canon to Announce BSI APS-C EOS R Camera in the Second Half of 2022

Ever since the launch of the first Canon EOS R, there has been much debate about whether Canon will announce an APS-C RF mount camera for consumers. Now, According to the latest rumors from CR2, Canon will definitely announce an APS-C RF mount camera, which will be equipped with a back-illuminated sensor in the second half of 2022.

This new backside-illuminated sensor will be installed in multiple cameras and it is quite possible that it will have 28 to 32 MP.

The APS-C EOS R has been rumored many times before, but this time the information about the sensor came out and it became a little more concrete. As for the BSI sensor, Canon has already realized it with Canon EOS R3, so it’s no wonder that it will be used in future APS-C cameras.

Will this APS-C Canon possibly adopt a back-stacked sensor and become a camera like the APS-C version of R3 (successor to Canon eos 7D Mark II?).

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