Canon EOS C700x Cinema EOS Camera Leaked Again ?!

Canon-C700x-cinema-camera 1

The Canon EOS C700x cinema EOS camera was a fake rumor several weeks ago. But today photorumors posted more detail specs of this Canon EOS C700x camera, make it seems real. Maybe it will also announced at NAB Show 2015 along with C300 Mark II and C500 Mark II.

You can click the images to see full size:

Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-2 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-3 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-4 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-5 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-6 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-7 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-8 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-9 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-10 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-11 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-12 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-13 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-14 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-15 Canon-C700x-cinema-camera-16

Note: The price of C100 and C300 also get dropped today.


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