Canon Officially Confirmed High Megapixel Camera, and New Line of EF Lenses for this Camera

Fake Canon EOS 3D
Fake Canon EOS 3D

As previous rumors on 50MP EOS 3D high megapixel DSLR camera, Canon’s company executive director of Image Communication Business Division – Masaya Maeda, he has confirmed Canonis working on the high megapixel camera, and ther

Below is what Masay Maeda said: (Translated by Google)

Q: Will high pixel size image sensor coming soon?

A: I am working on the high pixel camera. There are two ways of roughly divided into high pixel and high sensitivity to user needs. Although Canon doesn’t have any high megapixel or high sensitivity system , I think Canon is going to working on that in the future.

High pixel camera towards users who want high resolution image. This is the camera, such as was up the number of pixels while maintaining the pixel quality. I will expand a group of EF lenses for this camera, please do not ask any more (laughs).


via: DC Watch

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