Canon EOS R1 to be the King of Resolution?

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According to the latest rumors from CR2,  Canon EOS R1 is planned for the second half of 2023, and  we may see teaser ads from the spring.

Latest reports say that Canon’s new flagship will be the “new resolution king” and will focus on 8K motion production and integration with the Cinema EOS series, but that there will be no “C” version.  

Sony, Nikon, and Leica cameras top out at around 60 million pixels in stills, and if this EOS R1 information is true, Canon will have higher pixels than that.

We have also heard that the EOS R1 is a step forward in form factor and ergonomics, combining what you would expect from Canon’s flagship camera with some new features. Canon has spent much of its development talking to photographers, especially pros using the EOS R3. 

Until now, we had no idea what kind of camera the EOS R1 would be, but since information has come out that it will be the “king of resolution”, if this is true, it will be at least higher than the 61 million pixels of Sony a7R IV.  

Will the EOS R1 be a camera that combines ultra-high resolution, high-speed continuous shooting, and 8K video functions? Also, since it emphasizes cooperation with Cinema EOS, it seems to be a camera that emphasizes video.

Since the supply of Canon EOS R3 has been in short supply since its launch, Canon may want to release Canon EOS R1 after a stable supply. 

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