7D Mark II with 20.2MP, Dual Pixel AF, GPS won’t be released until Mid-2014

Canon EOS 7d Mark II
Photoshopped 7D Mark II

A trusted source from Canon Rumors just told us some more info on rumored 7D Mark II. It is said that there is no chance for 7D Mark II released in 2013, it will not be released until second half of 2014.

And source also said it is too early to talk about specs of 7D Mark II, but they confirmed that 7D Mark II will have the same 20.2MP sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF as Canon EOS 70D. Also 7D Mark II will have built-in GPS feature, while built-in Wi-Fi feature is not confirmed yet.

And Canon will release a new low end camera in early 2014.

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via: CR