2022 Godox Flash Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Founded in 1993, Godox has been committed to providing consumers with professional and high quality lighting solutions in photography & videography for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus/Panasonic and other cameras.

Now,   2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping is coming. During this shopping season, are you looking for some Godox flash for your favorite cameras?  See the details below:


  • Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit–$50 OffB&H 
  • Godox SL-60 LED Video Light (Daylight-Balanced)$40 OffB&H 
  • Godox VING V860IIS TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit for Sony $18 OffB&H 
  • Godox VL150 LED Video Light$100 OffB&H
  • Godox V1 Flash for Canon$60 OffB&H
  • Godox TT685C Thinklite TTL Flash for Canon$11 OffB&H
  • Godox AD400Pro Witstro All-in-One Outdoor Flash$70 OffB&H
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash$6 OffB&H
  • Godox AD1200 Pro LED Light Kit$300 OffB&H
  • Godox S60 LED Focusing 3-Light Kit with Color Effects$100 OffB&H
  • Godox S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit$140 OffB&H
  • Godox LP750X Portable Power Inverter$100 OffB&H
  • Godox TL60 Tube Light 4-Light Kit$109 OffB&H
  • Godox AD600Pro Witstro All-in-One Outdoor Flash$150 OffB&H
  • Godox QT1200IIM Flash Head$80 OffB&H
  • Godox SL200W II LED Video Light$44 OffB&H
  • Godox Bi-Color LED Video Light$40 OffB&H
  • Godox DP1000III Professional Studio Flash$40 OffB&H
  • Godox S60 LED Focusing Light$30 OffB&H