Godox Ving V860III In Stock & Shipping

Good News!!!  The new Godox Ving V860III Flash is now in stock and shipping  in most US stores, available for Canon/ Nikon/ Sony/ Fujifilm/ Pentax cameras. This new flash costs only $229! Read More »

Godox MF12 Macro Flash Announced, Priced $109, Available for Pre-Order

Godox has just officially announced the new Godox MF12 Macro Flash. It makes macro photography very easy. This flash head enables you to shoot beautiful and sharp photos of small subjects such as plants, animals, and insects at an extremely close distance. Godox MF12 Macro Flash can be mounted on the included flash stand and features an adjustable head for quick positioning. For added versatility, the flash can be mounted directly to a lens via an optional adapter, which lets you mount up to six MF12 flash heads. As an off-camera TTL flash, the MF12 can work with the Godox XPro, X1, X2, and other wireless flash triggers.

This new flash costs $109, avaialble for pre-order at B&H, compatible with main brand cameras such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, FUJIFILM, Olympus, and Panasonic. Read More »