Using the new clean HDMI output on the 5D Mark III


Several days ago, Canon USA released the new firmware update for Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera. The main update is the uncompressed HDMI output.

CPN published a new article about using this new clean HDMI output on 5D Mark III.

“The improved HDMI output with new EOS 5D Mark III firmware has opened up exciting possibilities,” reveals Jacques de Vos. “In order to qualify as ‘broadcast quality’, 75% of a programme has to be shot at 50Mbits per second or greater. Footage shot on a DSLR like my EOS 7D has therefore been in the 25% that doesn’t meet that level. But now I can shoot at true broadcast quality with the EOS 5D Mark III.”

See the full article at CPN, and EOS 5D Mark III uncompressed HDMI footage available for download (593 MB)