This is Fujifilm X-Pro3, Official Announcement on October 23th

At Fujifilm X Summit, Fujifilm has announced the development of upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro3. Above are first images of Fujifilm X-Pro3, the official announcement is on October 23th, 2019.

What we know about Fujifilm X-Pro3 so far:

  • X-Pro3 made by titanium
  • X-Pro3 is super durable, 10 times tougher than steel against scratch, almost level of sapphire
  • Fujifilm X-Pro3 will coming in 3 colors
  • Complete X-Pro3 HVF re-design (OVF and EVF re-design)
  • X-Pro3 has a “hidden LCD screen
  • Fujifilm tries to separate X-Pro and X-T line
  • Classic Negative will be the 10th Fujifilm film simulation mode. Nostalgic film
  • Official announcement of X-Pro3 on October 23th, 2019

via: Fujifilm Rumors