The New Canon Tilt-Shift Lens will be TS-E 135mm f/2.8 Macro Lens ?

canon tilt-shift lens

As leaked image before, Canon will announce a new tilt-shift lens in next several weeks. According to CR, this new tilt-shift lens will be TS-E 135mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

There will be a total of 4 new lenses from Canon to be announced soon. Along with TS-E 135mm f/2.8 Macro lens, three other lenses are:

  • EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Lens
  • TS-E 45mm f/2.8L Lens
  • TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Lens
  • TS-E 135mm f/2.8L Macro Lens

via: CR