Nikon D600 Leaked Images

Several images about new Nikon D600 leaked today at Guess Nikon D600 is coming soon. Nikon today also announced a cheap full frame lens AF-S 24-85mmRead More »

Poll: Nikon D400 or Nikon D600, which one is more likely to release ?

In 2012, Nikon announced Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon D3200, so which one will be the next, Nikon D400 or Nikon D600?

Today, just take a vote below, and feel free to share your opinion:

Nikon D400 or Nikon D600 ? Which one is more likely to release ?

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Aptina developing a new full frame CMOS sensor for Nikon D600 ?

Rumors from nikonrumors said that an Italian website published an article about Aptina Imaging – a company that produces sensors for digital cameras. Aptina confirmed the development of a new CMOS full frame sensor for DSLR cameras and “according to some unconfirmed rumors“, this sensor is designed specifically for Nikon: Read More »

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