Nikon D5 Announced Prematurely On Nikon NZ’s Facebook !


The upcoming Nikon D5 full frame DSLR camera now leaked again, Nikon New Zealand’s Facebook Page early today prematurely announced the Nikon D5, with several product pictures and sample images.

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Another Nikon D400/D500 Rumors: 10 fps, Price: $2,300 !

Nikon D400

The long awaited Nikon DX format flagship DSLR camera Nikon D400 or Nikon D500 recently got another rumors. Canadian nature photographer Brad Hill recently posted rumored specs of Nikon D400 / D500: 10 fps, a very good buffer with a price tag around $2,300. NikonRumors also said there is a chance Nikon will announced Nikon D5 and Nikon D400/D500 at the same time, just like Nikon D3/D300 in past.

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Nikon will Announce 3 new 1″ Sensor Compact Cameras with Different Focal Lengths in Early 2016


Here are more detail of upcoming Nikon’s high-end compact cameras mentioned before. According to NikonRumors, Nikon will announce three new high-end compact cameras in early 2016. These new compacts are featured with 1 inch sensor with different focus lengths.

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Nikon D5 has a Big Removable Eyepiece and a Built-In Viewfinder Shutter (Leaked by Chassimages)


A user from French forum Chassimages has leaked more images of upcoming Nikon D5 full frame DSLR camera. From these new leaked images, we can see Nikon D5 has a big removable eyepiece and a built-in viewfinder shutter.

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Nikon D5 will Have a 20MP Full Frame Sensor, and more Leaked Images


Here are more leaked images of upcoming Nikon D5 flagship full frame DSLR camera, and NikonRumors also confirmed Nikon D5 will have a new 20MP full frame sensor. These new leaked images now include back side of Nikon D5 and the new Fn2 button under Fn1.

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