Nikon D7100 Underwater Housing – Ikelite 6801.71

ikelite 6801.71 Nikon D7100 underwater housing

Ikelite just announced a new underwater housing Ikelite 6801.71 for Nikon D7100. The suggested petail price for this underwater housing is $1,500. This underwater housing is just announced, not available for pre-order yet.
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Ikelite 6871.03 Underwater Housing for 5D Mark III

Ikelite designed an underwater housing for 5D Mark III. The housing is a clear polycarbonate case rated to a depth of 200′ and the auto exposure lock and focus lock are placed where they can be activated with your thumb while taking a picture. Camera installation is quick and simple and the o-ring seal can be checked visually through the clear housing.

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